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Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis is currently available with Eradicator to help those who suffer from a range of health-related concerns.
It can be used to test pets since they are also part of the family.

Hair Analysis is one of the biggest kept secrets used in competitive horse racing to achieve optimum health and performance.

It is a safe and reliable, cost-effective method of detecting weakness such as: radiation, geopathic stress, virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite, infection, nutritional deficiencies, enzyme deficiencies, endocrine system imbalances, hormone levels, gland function, organ function, metal toxicities, acid/alkaline balance, allergies, food sensitivities, muscle and blood abnormalities.

Hair Analysis is recommended to identify and treat the cause of disease as well as balancing the emotional factors contributing to DNA damage. This method not only detect the physical ailments, but also the optimum remedy required. The information obtained by our tests will help us assess your conditions and direct you to the proper solutions.

We will provide a comprehensive detailed report and recommendations to take immediate action if necessary.  We can also provide homeopathic remedies, customized for each individual for additional costs.

It is high tech healing when we give the body all the energy it needs to heal itself.
For more information on Hair Analysis, please call 416 399-0634.



Price List

$75.00 -  Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress

$550.00 -  Full Hair Analysis

$950.00 -  Full Hair Analysis with Genetics testing

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